What is HEREN?

The Hub for Educational Research at Edinburgh Napier (HEREN) is a collaboration of staff from across the institution who are engaged in, and passionate about research in higher education.  The HEREN core group has representatives from all faculties and support services to coordinate networking and dissemination across the institution.

HEREN is not only institutionally facing, as many members are engaged in collaborative projects with colleagues in the wider sector, thus contributing to the discourse and scholarship of learning and teaching.

Benefits of HEREN

  • HEREN brings together and reinforce existing strengths in education research as well as fostering new developments through a culture of optimism, openness and an aspiration to succeed.
  • HEREN provides a single point of access for any requests related to education research.
  • The critical mass within HEREN makes best use of existing expertise and inHERENtly fosters a more inclusive and efficient way of working.
  • The structure of the hub and its spokes enables a more cost-effective use of resources and the best use of limited expertise.
  • HEREN provides access to an education research orientated community which extends opportunity to facilitate the development of education research engagement within the spokes.
  • HEREN takes an active role in relevant key strategic activities.
  • HEREN and its spokes will build effective relationships and partnerships thereby achieving improved linkages both horizontally and vertically.

HEREN’s strategic aims are focussed on:

  • Promoting research on education as fundamental to enhancing the quality of our teaching.
  • Promoting and enabling opportunities for the sharing and dissemination of education research activities at Edinburgh Napier.
  • Providing guidance and support for staff engaging in research on education throughout the university.
  • Developing support structures for postgraduate research students working on educational topics within the university.
  • Maintaining an active presence in educational research networks outwith the university to inform and enrich internal activities.
  • Developing a strategy for educational research to support the University’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework.

You do not have to be an experienced researcher to join HEREN, just need enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching, and improving the student experience.

Please visit the HEREN website at http://staff.napier.ac.uk/HEREN for more information.


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